Système de climatisation pour véhicules automobiles

Air conditioning system for a motor vehicle


An air conditioning system (10) for a passenger compartment of a motor vehicle comprises a first heat exchanger (14) positionable outside the passenger compartment; a second heat exchanger (18) positionable inside the passenger compartment; an expansion device (16) positioned in a first fluid passage (22) between the heat exchangers; an electronically controlled variable stroke compressor (12) for pumping fluid into the second fluid passage and either in a first direction (X) or in a second direction (Y); reverse flow means (32) in the second fluid passage for controlling the direction of the flow of fluid; first sensing means (36) providing a first output signal indicative of the actual temperature of the air leaving the second heat exchanger; second sensing means (40) providing a second output signal indicative of the humidity of the air leaving the second heat exchanger; third sensing means (46) providing a third output signal indicative of the temperature of the air in the passenger compartment; and control means (26,30) electrically connected to the first, second and third sensing means and to the compressor for receiving the first, second, and third output signals.




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