Steuerungsvorrichtung, Kamera, Verfahren und Computerprogrammspeichervorrichtung

Control device, camera, method and computer program storage device

Dispositif de contrôle, caméra, procédé et dispositif de stockage de programme informatique


A camera, controller, method and non-transitory computer readable storage device cooperate to control different portions of an area covered by a camera. Selective control is granted to different remote devices to establish respective portions of the area, so the respective portions of the image are sent to the remote devices making the request. Moreover, the camera has a digital pan, digital tilt, and digital zoom capability, which allows multiple portions of the image to be set by remote devices. When a limited number of remote devices are allowed to simultaneously control the portions of the area covered by the camera, then control is selectively transferred from one device to an awaiting device.




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