Vorrichtung mit variablem Übersetzungsverhältnis

Transmission ratio variable device

Dispositif de transmission à rapport variable


A preload applying mechanism (79) includes a preload adjusting plug (78) that is screwed to an inner peripheral surface of a housing body (31), and is rotationally moved; and a needle bearing (81) and a plate (82) that are arranged between an output shaft (23) and a Z1 gear (61). In a shoulder of the output shaft (23), the Z1 gear (61) is supported by the needle bearing (81) and the annular plate (82) for a rolling surface of the needle bearing (81) so that the Z1 gear (61) is rotatable. As the preload adjusting plug (78) presses the output shaft (23), the shoulder of the output shaft (23) presses the plate (82), the needle bearing (81), and the Z1 gear (61) toward the center bearing (63) in the axial direction. Thus, a preload is applied to the bearing gear (25).




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