Method and device for optical recording and reproduction



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a method for optical recording and reproduction permitting stable optical recording and reproduction by solving a problem of heat treatment at the time of recording by photo-irradiation, relating to an optical recording medium where a photoacid generating agent and an acid sensitive fluorescent material are properly added to a host material. <P>SOLUTION: Recording is performed by optical excitation to a recording medium 30 with a recording part where the photoacid generating agent and the acid sensitive fluorescent material are added to the organic host material at least, using a light source 6 for oscillating pulsed laser of a pulse width of ≤1ps and a frequency of ≥1 kHz. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2006,JPO&NCIPI
【課題】ホスト材料に対し、光酸発生剤、酸敏感性蛍光材料を適宜添加した光記録媒体において、光照射による記録時の熱処理の問題を解決して、安定した光記録再生が可能な光記録再生方法を提供する。 【解決手段】少なくとも有機ホスト材料に、光酸発生剤及び酸敏感性蛍光材料が添加された記録部を有する記録媒体30に対し、1ps以下のパルス幅及び1kHz以上の周波数のパルスレーザを発振する光源6を用いて、光励起による記録を行う。 【選択図】図1




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