Vibration isolating apparatus



<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a vibration isolation apparatus excellent in durability, vibration isolation effect, and productivity, capable of obtaining a stable vibration isolation characteristic, and avoiding fatigue and damage of an elastic material layer of an elastic body and a columnar lead member. <P>SOLUTION: The vibration isolating apparatus 5 includes: the elastic body 3 in which the elastic material layers and rigid material layers are alternately superposed one on top of another; and the columnar lead member 4 which is disposed in a hollow portion 12 defined by an inner peripheral surface 9 of the elastic body 3, wherein a ratio ap/Ar between the a gross area ap of a sheared surface of the columnar lead member 4 and an area Ar of a load surface of the elastic body 3 is 0.10 to 0.12, and the ratio Vp/Ve between a volume Vp of the columnar lead member 4 disposed in the hollow portion 12 and a capacity Ve of the hollow portion 12 in a state in which the columnar lead member 4 is not inserted and a load is applied to the elastic body 3 is 1.02 to 1.12. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2007,JPO&INPIT
【課題】 安定な免震特性を得ることができ、加えて弾性体の弾性材料層及び柱状鉛の疲労、損壊を回避することができ、耐久性及び免震効果並びに製造性に優れた免震装置を提供すること。 【解決手段】 弾性材料層及び剛性材料層が交互に積層されてなる弾性体3と、弾性体3の内周面9で規定される中空部12に配された柱状鉛4とを具備した免震装置5であって、柱状鉛4の剪断面の総面積apと弾性体3の荷重面の面積Arとの比ap/Arが0.01〜0.12であり、中空部12に配された柱状鉛4の体積Vpと、柱状鉛が未挿入であって、弾性体3に荷重が加えられた状態での中空部12の容積Veとの比Vp/Veが1.02〜1.12である免震装置。 【選択図】図1




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