Composition for forming optical anisotropic layer, manufacturing method of substrate for liquid crystal display and substrate for liquid crystal display



【課題】屈折率異方性と波長分散特性とのトレードオフから脱却する技術、及びパターン状のレターデーションを有する液晶表示装置用基板を製造する方法および材料の提供。 【解決手段】一般式(I)で表される化合物、一般式(II)で表される化合物、およびカチオン重合開始剤を含む光学異方性層形成用組成物。 組成物を含む溶液を塗布乾燥して液晶相を形成した後、液晶相を熱または電離放射線照射して形成される光学異方性層と、転写用接着層とを有する転写材料。 【選択図】なし
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a technology to slough off trade-off of refractive index anisotropy and wavelength dispersion characteristics and to provide a method and a material for manufacturing a substrate for a liquid crystal display having a pattern-shaped retardation. <P>SOLUTION: A composition for forming an optical anisotropic layer contains a compound represented by formula (I), a compound represented by formula (II) and a cationic polymerization initiator. A transfer material has the optical anisotropic layer and an adhesive layer for transfer. The optical anisotropic layer is formed by irradiating a liquid crystal phase with heat or an ionizing radiation after the liquid crystal phase is formed by applying and drying a solution containing the composition. In formula (I) and formula (II), either one of Q<SP>1</SP>and Q<SP>2</SP>denotes a radically polymerizable group; the other of Q<SP>1</SP>and Q<SP>2</SP>denotes a cationically polymerizable group; either one of Q<SP>3</SP>and Q<SP>4</SP>denotes a radically polymerizable group; the other of Q<SP>3</SP>and Q<SP>4</SP>denotes a cationically polymerizable group; X<SP>11</SP>and X<SP>12</SP>each independently denotes -O-, -NP<SP>1</SP>- or the like, P<SP>1</SP>, P<SP>2</SP>, P<SP>3</SP>and P<SP>4</SP>each denotes a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group; L<SP>1</SP>to L<SP>4</SP>each independently denotes a single bond or an alkylene group; A<SP>1</SP>, A<SP>2</SP>and A<SP>6</SP>each independently denotes a single bond, -O-, -O-CO- or the like; A<SP>3</SP>denotes a single bond, -O- or -CO-O-; A<SP>4</SP>and A<SP>5</SP>each independently denotes a single bond, -CO-O- or -CO-S-; A<SP>4</SP>or at least one of m A<SP>5</SP>is a single bond; R<SP>11</SP>to R<SP>16</SP>each independently denotes a hydrogen atom or a methyl group; n1 to n6 each denotes an integer of 1 to 3 and m denotes an integer of 2 to 3. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2009,JPO&INPIT




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